Lesachtal Valley Bread

A loaf with heart and soul


Do you know the Lesachtal Valley bread?
A quick look into the past: Self-sufficiency has always been vital in the Lesachtal Valley, a high mountain valley which used to be very difficult to access. This is why many mills were built along the waters. The cultivation of bread cereals, in particular wheat, still continues to this day. Corn grinding and subsequently baking the bread has been a tradition in the Lesachtal Valley as long as anyone can remember.
The many ingredients, various recipes and the immense knowledge about the natural product “bread“ make the Lesachtal Valley bread so special. Bread is still baked in many homes every week – everyone having their own recipe of course. The Lesachtal Valley bread baking has even been designated as “intangible cultural heritage” by the UNESCO.

Lesachtal Valley bread in Tokyo
Our bread has also been exported as far as Japan. Initiated by the Japanese ethnologist Eiko Funada, a bread bakery in Lesachtal Valley style was built in 2008. The Lesachtal Valley bread has been baked in the megacity ever since.

From corn to bread
Maria Luggau, a pilgrimage destination in 1.179 m above sea level, boasts five water-powered mills which are still used regularly. The grains are carefully, slowly and gently grinded between the millstones. This is the best way to make the flour for the rich, fruity-tasting Lesachtal Valley bread.
You can experience how corn is made into bread and you will learn much about the life of the Lesachtal Valley farmers along the Mill Trail.

A celebration of bread
The Lesachtal Valley Village and Bread Festival (first weekend in September) in Liesing is already tradition and offers an insight into the art of baking as well as providing a fantastic entertainment programme.More details on http://www.dorfundbrotfest.at/

"Sweet Lesachtal Valley Hiking Bread"
The Lesachtal Valley bread’s designation as ”UNESCO Intangible World Heritage“ was the occasion for the famous Josef Zotter Chocolate Factory to create the sweet “Lesachtal Valley Hiking Bread“ which is not only popular with children. This bread can be purchased from the Tourist Information as well as from the Spar Supermarket Guggenberger in Klebas.

The Bread Innkeepers invite
Founded 5 years ago, the innkeepers association "Lesachtal Valley Bread Innkeepers" treat guests to bread specialities which are made to their very own recipes. Enjoy the traditional cuisine where the culinary focus is on the Lesachtal Valley bread which is also masterly combined with many other dishes. Here an overview of the bread innkeepers:


Initiated by the innkeeper and tourism expert Michael Egartner, the association aims to promote bread by treating their guests with culinary delights based on this speciality.

Where can I get the Lesachtal Valley bread?
Freshly baked farmer’s bread is available daily from the Lesachtal Valley Farm Shop in Maria Luggau.

Interesting facts and information about your holiday planning

The Lesachtal Valley is worth a visit at any time of the year. Here are a few dates and tips to make the planning of your leisure activities easier.


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