It doesn't always have to be Spain! Far away from Santiago de Compostela, the Lesachtal Valley is also a wonderful place to walk in the footsteps of saints. The World of Mountains & Lakes offers you several pilgrimage opportunities.

Pilgrimage in the Lesachtal Valley

Pilgrimages to Maria Luggau
People have been making pilgrimages to Our Lady of Grace in Maria Luggau since 1513. There are up to 40,000 pilgrims every year! Whether from Forni Avoltri and Sappada via the Carnic Alps or from Lienz via the Kofel Pass - the Pilgrimage Church of Maria Luggau is a worthwhile destination.

Hoch & Heilig pilgrimage route
On the nine stages of the Hoch & Heilig mountain pilgrimage route you hike over mountains and borders, past quaint mountain villages and sacred treasures. Hiking the mountain pilgrimage route also means "hiking inwards" - towards yourself.

St. Mary's Pilgrimage Route
Passing 16 St. Mary’s churches, the St. Mary’s Pilgrimage Route leads 266 kilometres from the Pilgrimage Church of Maria Rojach in the Lavant Valley to the Basilica of Maria Luggau.

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