Snowshoe hiking in the Lesachtal Valley

Step by step to slowing down

Sugar-sprinkled peaks, glistening fields and slopes covered in deep snow: the winter landscape of the Lesachtal Valley is picture-perfect. Simply switching off and leaving the worries of everyday life behind is easy in this unique ambience. Especially when you explore the winter paradise step by step on snowshoes.

At your own pace and very close to nature: Snowshoe hiking in the World of Mountains & Lakes means pure relaxation for body and soul. An enchanting fairytale landscape in front of you, the crunching snow under your feet and the crystal-clear winter air all around you: this is how to relax on a winter holiday!


Snowshoe hiking for everyone

No matter whether you are strapping on your snowshoes for the first time or are already an experienced snowshoe pro: In Carinthia's Winter World, everyone will find the perfect tour.

If you prefer to be shown the most picturesque corners of the region by an expert, treat yourself to a guided tour with a professional guide. The local guides will be happy to hike to their favourite winter spots with you!


But be careful: Before you go snowshoe hiking, you should always check the current avalanche situation first! Unforgettable and beautiful snowshoe hiking tours are only guaranteed with the appropriate knowledge about safety on the mountain.

And by the way: Snowshoe hikers share the snow-covered winter landscape with many wildlife species that use the forests and meadows as retreats. Please respect their habitat and stay on the recommended routes!


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Offers / Guided Tours

Carnico Alpin
Alpinschule Lesachtal
Genusshof Mesner Aktiv

Please keep yourself informed about the latest avalanche alert level!
Region Kärnten
Region Osttirol

Take Care

Mountain - Human - Wildlife

Winter is a hard time for the wildlife. The animals have to preserve their energy in order to survive. Agitation and stress means that their living conditions are made very difficult.

Therefore: Please keep to the recommended routes and avoid unnecessary noise. Leave the wildlife to its vital winter retreats and help the animals to survive. An initiative by the Carinthian Hunters in cooperation with the alpine clubs and communities.

Tourenbereiche mit Kennzeichnung der Wildruhezonen und Rückzugsgebiete

An overview of the tours and important information will open by clicking the relevant region. Thank you for your consideration.

The most beautiful snowshoe hiking tours in the Lesachtal Valley

In the Lesachtal Valley, motivated snowshoe hikers have plenty of opportunities to plod through the glittering splendour.

The most beautiful tours with all the details can be found in the interactive tour guide. There you will also find plenty of inspiration for other winter adventures, from ski touring to tobogganing. It's worth taking a look!

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The Lesachtal holiday region lies in the Austrian province of Carinthia, directly next to the Italian border.

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