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Musical Lesachtal Valley

from folk music to Lederhosen rock

Music is a tradition in the Lesachtal Valley!

The Lesachtal is often associated with music. All 4 villages have their own music bands with up to 50 members - and that with a population of around 1350. Furthermore, there are various choirs, bands and small groups...

From the traditional march "Hoch Lesachtal" by Johann Lexer to Melissa Naschenweng's hit "I steh auf Bergbauernbuam"... the musical repertoire of the people of the Lesachtal Valley is broad and widely known. Almost everyone in the valley plays an instrument or is somehow involved in music. And the fact that music connects is proven by young and old - and many "out-of-towners" from the Lesachtal Valley are always happy to come home for rehearsals, so club life is also very important here.

"In die Berg' bin i gern,
und do gfreit si mei Gmiat,
wo die Olmreaßlan wochsn,
und do Enzian bliat..."
"Und do Schnea geat bold weg, 
und es wert wiedo schean, 
und donn wer i bold wieda, 
auf die Olm aufe gean..."
"Wo i geh, wo i steh, 
denk i ollweil an di, 
wersch woll du wonn i fortgeh, 
amol denkn an mi ? ..."
Everyday life off, music on...

Musical enjoyment for everyone

a small foray through the world of music in the Lesachtal Valley...

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The Lesachtal holiday region lies in the Austrian province of Carinthia, directly next to the Italian border.

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