Historical Cloister Garden

Historic Cloister Gardens Maria Luggau

Klostergarten Maria Luggau
The cloister gardens in Maria Luggau open their gates!

The first green in the beds appeared again after the reconstruction of the early Baroque gardens was just about to be completed in 2012!

The project, carried out by the Lesachtal municipality, the Federal Antiques and Monument Office and the Klagenfurt Archdiocese Klagenfurt, provides now a base for the cloister gardens’ cultivation and the future sowing, planting and harvesting there! The Nature & Herb Workshop Lesachtal ensures that the knowledge about the treasures of monastic medicine is an influential part of the cloister gardens.
The plan includes also the creation of a sanctuary for old, local plant species behind the cloister’s walls which were closed until recently.

Opening the gardens created yet another tourist attraction in the famous pilgrimage destination Maria Luggau which celebrated its 500th pilgrimage anniversary in 2013. The cloister gardens also invite to spend some time in an atmospheric ambience!

More Information: http://www.klostergarten-marialuggau.at/web


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