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Where there is song and music ...

Culture, traditions, music and religious faith play a big part in the Lesachtal Valley.
The Lesachtal Valley is home to 4 traditional bands with around 40-50 members – a great achievement if you consider that the Lesachtal Valley has a population of approximately only 1450.
Choirs, music groups, singing societies, folk dance ensembles and many other small associations in the valley actively live the traditions and pass them on to the next generations.
Did you know that, for example, Mozart had a (musical) relation to the Lesachtal Valley?
In fact, four of his violins were made from our wood.
The Violin Making Museum is proof that old crafts and trades are still pursued today.
The Alpine Folk Music Academy in Liesing provides its course participants with interesting facts… more details

The Valley of the 100 Mills...
... is the name the Lesachtal Valley bears to this day. Around 200 watermills used to clack along the babbling brook. The farmers used the power of the water to grind the grains and for many other, technically highly sophisticated activities which are still admired today. Maria Luggau boasts 5 fully-operational mills – the guided tours offer the opportunity to get a closer look. More details here click

Chapels and pilgrims
Religious faith is deeply ingrained in the people of the Lesachtal Valley. Many wayside shrines, small chapels, churches and the over 500-year-old pilgrimage basilica are like little jewels dotted across the landscape. Maria Luggau is one of the most popular Virgin Mary pilgrimage destinations for Austrians, Germans and Italians. Around 40000 pilgrims, many arriving on foot across the mountains, visit the Mother of God in Maria Luggau to pray and invoke her blessings and protection every year. More details can be found here...
The historic cloister gardens were opened in celebration of the cloister’s 500th anniversary. Here you will get an insight into the world of medicinal herbs and monastic medicine. More details can be found here...

Maria Luggau Lesachtal

Interesting facts and information about your holiday planning

The Lesachtal Valley is worth a visit at any time of the year. Here are a few dates and tips to make the planning of your leisure activities easier.


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