Scenic ski tour across free, not too steep area with view to the highest summits of the Carnic ridge. Ascent time 4 hours, altitude difference 1360 m. Ascend to 1100 m above sea level in a westward direction to Valentintal valley starting from the big hairpin bend of Plöckenpass road 200 m after the military cemetery. Slight ascent to Valentintörl (2138 m). Continue to the right across a short and steep gorge to the wide southern face of the mountain that goes up to the western summit (2436 m) showing an ideal angle of inclination. Go on along the ridge (pay attention to snow cornices!!) and reach the main summit (better without skis). Descent by way of ascent. Rather dangerous section under Valentintörl, be careful!

A visitor’s description: Great scenic spring tour practicable only during stable snow conditions for experienced ski tourers. Up to Valentintörl rather flat sections followed by 45° slopes. Impressive view of the highest summits of the Carnic ridge. Altitude difference 1340 m. Start from the big hairpin bend of Plöckenpass road, 500 m above the military cemetery (Kreuztratten, 1120 m) along the road (shorter way along the summer road) up Valentintal valley to Valentintörl (2138 m). Turn right and ascend a 40° cliffy gorge (about 50 m). You may carry the skis if the snow is hard. Continue across the wide 30° summit face to the anticline between the eastern and the western summit. Pay attention to snow cornices! You’ll reach the western summit within a few minutes during good conditions. The steep eastern summit is reachable only during very good conditions on foot. Pay attention to avalanches and icy rocks. Descent by way of ascent. From the summit face cross to the left and reach a 45° firn slope. After a descent of 300 m you’ll reach the way of ascent. (Thanks to Mister Garnweidner for the pictures and the description.)

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