Easy and rewarding winter hike. Ascent time 2,5 hours. From the highest-located farms of Kornat (access from Birnbaum) along a track in a northward direction. You’ll reach a fork after a few minutes, turn right; at the next fork turn left. Continue across sparsely forested alpine area with several cabins to the summit of mount Grifitzbühel (1861 m; summit cross). To descend choose the way of ascent. You may descend south of the ridge via Hamwiesen meadows to Oberzählplatz (1409 m) or in a southward direction via Kornat meadows to Mattling (bus stop).

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This scenic snowshoe hike leads from Assing (access possible via Liesing) in a north-east direction. Starting point is the highest-located farm. Except for a first ascent, the trail to the mountain pasture is quite even. The new forestry road crosses the way twice. Possibilities to descend from mountain pasture Oberrasteralm: by the way of ascent, via the forestry road to Oberring/Stabenthein, the hiking trail towards Liesing (“Knappengrube”) or via the forestry road to mountain pasture Motalpe and across the forest to Assing.

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Easy and rewarding snowshoe hike, practicable during all winter months. Ascent time from Maria Luggau about 3 hours, from Xaveriberg 2,5-3 hours. Mountain pasture Samalm is easy to reach from Maria Luggau via the forestry road “Klammwiese” (turnoff 100 m to the east of supermarket Spar), from Xaveriberg (1258 m, access from St. Lorenzen via Wiesen) following the southeast ridge (forestry road or summer trail). Possibility to descend via mountain pasture Wieser Alm to Tuffbad, by the way of ascent to Maria Luggau or Xaveriberg or via sparsely forested southern hillsides to Guggenberg.

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Ascent time 3 hours. From Bergen, a village near Obertilliach, a road leads to the hamlet “Flatsch”. Following a summer road or a forestry road leading across forests and meadows you’ll reach the forest line. Continue across alpine meadows along the ridge in a northward direction to your destination – mount Steinrastl. This quite easy hike is practicable also during critical avalanche conditions. Great view to the Carnic Alps and the Lienz Dolomites!

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