Unsere Touren-Empfehlungen im Lesachtal


Walk duration there and back about 5 hours = 10 points

Starting point is refuge Hochweißsteinhaus. The hike is only recommendable for experienced alpinists. Difficulty level I+, absolute sure-footedness and a head for heights required. Good alpine boots needed. Choose the slightly ascending way to the left. Attention, do not take the lower path leading to Luggauer Törl. Hike across alpine pastures and small brooks and springs towards the Italian border. Walk up the steep grass hill. Enjoy the view to Lesachtal valley, St. Lorenzen and the Dolomites of Lienz. Walk along the narrow path and Monte Peralba appears soon. You reach the border within a few minutes. Keep left and turn right after about 50 meters. To the left at the hill of Hochalpl there is a ruinous casern from World War II. Now only a few double bends separate you from the actual ascent. Across stepped rocky area you climb up and override a rubble area. Don’t fail to take a look at the surrounding mountains, i.e. Mt. Chiadenis with its three holes in the summit which were used as dugouts by Austrian soldiers in World War I. Across a chimney you climb up to the ridge from where you can see the whole alpine world of the Carnic Alps, the Dolomites of Lienz and the Upper Tauern. Now you reach the summit within a few minutes but first a wartime emplacement with two rolls of honour will for sure catch your eye. At the summit a beautiful white marble statue of the Madonna, a cross and a bell will welcome you. The control stamp is at the summit of Monte Peralba near the Madonna statue.

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