Unsere Touren-Empfehlungen im Lesachtal


Walk duration there and back about 4 hours = 8 points

Birnbaum –Kornat – after Kornat about 25 m to the left there is a wayside shrine. Here we turn right and stay on the forest rail. The way leads to the no-vehicles- sign, from there downwards to Podlanigbach brook. We turn right and cross the footbridge to the northern streambed. The way leads up steeply through the forest. We meet an alpine track and keep left, walk past the chapel and reach the mountain pasture Rautalm (control stamp), possibility to rest and drink some water. We hike westward over the alpine track to the mountain pasture Mukulin Alm. From there we descend over the forest trail to the brook and go back to Birnbaum.

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