Unsere Touren-Empfehlungen im Lesachtal


Walk duration there and back about 3 hours = 7 points

To the east of St. Lorenzen about 100 m after the place-name sign the way branches off to the left to farmhouse Bödnerbauer. After a 30-minutes-walk along a forest trail you reach the farmhouse. The way towards mountain pasture Lackenalm goes in a northward direction (about 60 min.). To the northwest of the lodge in a hollow the signposts lead you on the trail to Tuffbad. You descend along the edge of a wood across the “Bretterben” – as this meadow is called by locals and get to the main road below Tuffbad. The control stamp is at the Lackenalm lodge.

Follow the red marks to mountain pasture Lackenalm, from there on to mount Riebenkofel, mount Soleck, Tuffbad and St. Lorenzen. Starting point is St. Lorenzen to the northwest of the church (residential area). Follow the marks towards north up to the wood, then turn left and follow the double bends along the forest trail. First possibility to rest at the clearance “Höller- Hütte”. Walk duration till there 45 to 60 min. After 20 min. you reach the alpine lodge. Walk on towards north to Lackenkreuz cross. At this cross the ways branch off. To the right you get to mount Millnatzensattel. Straight ahead you get to a gate where the alpine meadows begin. After about an hour you reach the turnoff to mount Riebenkofel, walk straight ahead to mount Soleck. After a oneand- a-half-hour walk you reach the next turnoff from where you get to mount Soleck to the right and down to Tuffbad to the left. In Wildsendertal valley it’s a 10-minutes-walk to Tuffbad. The walk to St. Lorenzen takes about one hour. The control stamp is at Soleck summit.

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