Unsere Touren-Empfehlungen im Lesachtal


Walk duration there and back about 6 hours = 13 points

Day hike for trained hikers. Equipment: alpine boots, rain protection, snack and beverages. Recommendable for families with children aged 6 upwards. Start in St. Lorenzen and walk westward along the road to the soldiers’ graveyard and across the bridge (or past the church “Radegunder Kirchlein im Tal”) to Wiesen. Then turn right and follow the track to Xaveriberg (1.285 m). Above the highest situated house begins a newly built track to the right which leads to lodge Seewiesenhütte (1.764 m). The road leads up in double bends to Seewiesenhütte and can be shortened walking along the old alpine track. Before reaching Seewiese a forest trail branches off to the right which leads directly to mountain pasture Wieseralm. Continue from Seewiese along the original alpine track across free meadows to the information board (turnoff to Wieser Alm – Tuffbad) and up to the highest point (Samalmkreuz cross 1.992 m). Enjoy the great view to the Carnic Alps and the Dolomites of Lienz and the interesting view to whole Lesachtal valley and the several southern side valleys. The descent goes over mountain pasture Wieseralm – Tuffbad in northeast direction starting at the signposts. It’s a steeply plunging trail; follow the marks across larch forests, alpine roses and juniper shrubs. Later on you cross alpine meadows covered with white cresses and cold springs down to Wieseralm Hütte. Walk on following the double bends to Tuffbad. Follow the broad alpine trail eastward to the romantic basin and on to Tuffbad. Take a mineral bath there, it removes sweat and muscle aches and recharges your batteries. Follow the road to St. Lorenzen. The control stamp is at the Samalmhöhe.

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