Fly Fishing in the Lesachtal Valley

Hello, dear fly fishermen,

...welcome to the LESACHTAL VALLEY, Europe’s most natural and most environmentally friendly holiday valley.


and welcome the upper part of the River GAIL, one of the most pristine river landscapes in the entire Alpine region. The fishing grounds, managed and protected by the Fishing Association of St. Laurentius, invite to an amazing and rare fishing experience.

Fly Fishing in the Lesachtal Valley

Cast your flies expertly onto the water surface whilst enjoying the beauty of the River Gail...
A nature experience of the special kind – catching a nice rainbow trout will be the highlight of this fishing adventure in the Lesachtal Valley!

The St. Laurentius Fishing Association

Important information about your fishing adventure

  • High-alpine white waters
  • Fly fishing in combination with incomparable beauty of nature
  • Low fishing pressure
  • Excellent waters of drinking water quality
  • At least one confluent tributary (five in total) in every fishing area ensures a well-protected brood
  • Apart from the dominating brown trout, also inhabited by rainbow trout, brook trout and the reintroduced grayling.
  • Creating day schedules according to your wishes
  • Providing arrangements
  • "Adventure Days on the River Gail" ~ Fly fishing training courses
  • Guaranteed catches through guiding

Die Fischerrunde St. Laurentius



We are proud to contribute to the management and protection of such a valuable piece of nature. Our guidelines are therefore very strict and are strictly policed and rigorously executed. This is also for YOUR benefit!

Fishing is only permitted in connection with a valid annual ticket or a fishing guest ticket issued by the relevant district authority or by holding a fishing permit. All permits are only valid for the holder of the ticket/permit. The tickets and permits are not transferable.
Fishing is only permitted in the marked section. Permitted are only fishing rods.
Dry and wet flies, nymphs and streamers may be used as fishing lure. Barbs must be removed or at least pressed on.
It is permitted to take a total of 2 fish.
In order to maintain the catch statistics, the amount of caught fish must be reported to the ticket issuing office.
The fishing permit, equipment and caught fish must be shown and required information must be provided when requested by the supervisory staff.
Reciprocal control is mandatory.
The fishing permit will be revoked if these guidelines are violated and in cases of unsportsmanlike and unethical conduct. There is no entitlement to refunds in such cases.
By purchasing the permit, the permit holder agrees to and accepts these conditions.
Information/Issuing of tickets/Your specialist for

Fly fishing holidays in the Lesachtal Valley:

Haus Blatthofer
St. Lorenzen 104
Tel.: 0043 (0) 4716/543 

Interesting facts and information about your holiday planning

The Lesachtal Valley is worth a visit at any time of the year. Here are a few dates and tips to make the planning of your leisure activities easier.


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